dreamAR NEWS


Photos and 3D synthesis tablet compatible applications are under development.

We and our team is developing an application that can easily synthesize 3D and photos taken using other devices with the help of gyro sensor of smart phone
instead of AR Technology.
By combining 3D data and photos with ease, it is possible to synthesize 3D in any angle and size, making it possible to deal with characters, interior, furniture,
decoration, effects etc.
We are also planning to develop a video compatible version in the future.
Please feel free to contact SHERPA VR for AR content and application development.



AR system compatible with AI(Artificial Intelligence) is in progress.

In developing applications compatible with HMD, HOLOLENSE 2, GOOGLE glass etc.In the future, incorporating AI (artificial intelligence)deep learning, machine learning function, etc. into AR will be used in a wide range of fields.
We also started to research on incorporating AI into AR/VR/MR.



Development of "dreamAR" for Apple Kit is completed.

dreamAR now corresponded to popular Apple ARkit!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for the development of AR application compatible with "ARkit".



"dreamAR" has been completed!

Almost scheduled function implementation is also completed. We will be announcing "dreamAR" in the exhibition by adding several goods items on it.
We are also going to exhibit new service "HolodreamAR", correspond to Microsoft HoloLense in the exhibition.



"dreamAR" design completed.

Design included, debugging and brush up only! It was very easy to use. we also made UI where we can easily place the objects in the place of our choice.



3D & Virtual Realityexhibition 2017 "dreamAR exhibition" decided.

Decided to exhibit "Dream AR" in 3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition to be held at Tokyo Big Sight 2017.


Started Developing "dreamAR".

We started developing a new AR service using Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Unity for only one model in the world that supports Google Tango Technology.

What is dreamAR / Dreamer


"dreamAR" utilizes spatial recognition sensor that does not use conventional annoying AR marker, Google development Tango AR using RGB sensor, and apple / iOS compatible ARKIT.
If it is "dreamAR", AR cataloging can be realized expressing every product in real 3D!
Since we can develop from scratch, we will respond to various customizations according to customer's request. We will handle all AR / VR / MR content production, from planning to development.